Oyster Academy in Grebbestad.

Grebbestad is the oyster capitol of Sweden and has delivered oysters since 17th century. Roughly 90 percent of Swedish oysters come from this area and it is also the home of the Swedish Oyster Academy.

On Saturday, September 4, 2004, the Ostron Academy was formed in Grebbestad. It is a non-profit association for all oyster enthusiasts. The purpose is to take advantage of our wonderful Swedish oysters full potential as well as support and enthuse oyster lovers, restaurateurs, fishermen, suppliers, divers and researchers. Yes, anyone who somehow comes in contact with this amazing seafood. We also spread knowledge about the oyster’s biology, their place in the food chain, the ecosystem and on your plate.
The oyster possibilities are plentiful in Grebbestad. Oysters have something for all ages! You can learn how to open oysters, enjoy the festivities, snack on seaweed crisp bread or buy a custom oyster knife. Children can enjoy oyster shell painting.
In the beginning of may Grebbestad hosts the Grebbestad Open Championship and the Nordic championship. Each year the best oyster shuckers from the Nordic countries gather to compete for the title of Nordic Champion.
If you want even more oysters the Oyster Day in September is your thing. About 6 000 oysters are opened in the village of Grebbestad during this day. Visit the oyster bar and try this delicacy served with French Champagne or oyster beer brewed in Grebbestad.
During the summer oysters reproduce and thin out significantly. By September the are ready to be harvested once again – just in time for oyster day. Many countries try to find their specialties when it comes to food and Grebbestad already has one. You are invited to try it!
For more info please contact the Oyster Academy on mail: info@ostronakademien.se